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CPMC Asthma Study


The CPMC Asthma Project is launching an innovative program in the fall of 2010 that will provide better asthma care for families. By combining better educationwith simplified ACTION PLAN-based home care instructions, and mobile technologiesthat enable the tracking of home care treatments and symptoms, we expect to redefinehow asthma care is provided for your child. Electronic sharing of your home careinformation with the child's community healthcare providers is an essential foundationof this program.


By combining focused education, simple Action Plan instructions and home monitoring, we expect to provide the highest quality of asthma care available for yourchild. By giving you a better understanding of what triggers your child's asthma, whatto do when symptoms occur, and how to track this with your doctor can lead to overallbetter care, fewer office appointments, ER visits, and hospitalizations in the future.


We will provide you with the required educational materials and the Action Plan automatically as part of your care at CPMC. During your care, we will introduce youto the AsthmaMD app for your iPhone, help with the download step, and get you signedup before leaving for home. Once you are home, you can start to track your child'scare, and begin the process of sharing your home care experience with your doctors.

View AsthmaMD video demo.