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Asthma iPhone App Created by a Doctor
For Better Asthma Control

Why AsthmaMD?

  • Log on the Go

    Easily log your asthma attacks wherever you go. Customize triggers and medications for quicker entry.

  • Chart Severity

    At-a-glance, graphical view of your PFM and severity.

  • Send to Physician

    One-step process to send your asthma log and peak flow chart to your physician.

  • Benefit Asthma Research

    Anonymous, aggregate data will help correlate asthma with environmental factors, triggers and climate change.

What our users are saying...

"I like Asthma M.D. I am an asthma sufferer. And a lot of times the doctor says how many attacks have you had? I say maybe one or two in the last week or so. This one lets me track my symptoms, the medication I'm taking and what is actually triggering it so when you go to the doctor you have a clear picture of what's happening."
- CNET Senior Editor Natali Del Conte on CBS The Early Show

"This is the third app for charting peak flow I have tried - best so far! ... My doctor and I love this app - thank you!!"
- Mary (Pflugerville, Texas)

"I love the app! Makes me feel more in control of my son's asthma. ... I will tell all of my friends and family about it as well."
- User G.G.

"I like this app out of the many others for its ease of info."
- User Nickxx

"...useful interface allowing customized way to track [asthma] patients away from office."
- User lion.
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