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About AsthmaMD

In the fight for managing asthma, researchers and patients now have a new tool in the form of an iPhone application, AsthmaMD.

Medical doctor and researcher Sam Pejham, UCSF Medical School Clinical Faculty and Director of Tri-Valley Pediatrics is the creator of the new iPhone app. The free application allows users to easily and quickly log their asthma activity, their medications, causes of their asthma in the form of a diary. Users may share the diary and a color graph chart of their asthma activities with their physicians to be included in their medical records.

Where AsthmaMD really make a difference is by gathering anonymous asthma data to help researchers with unprecedented information into the causes and external correlation of asthma. AsthmaMD users may optionally opt-in and allow the application to securely send encrypted and anonymous data, such as the severity of their asthma attacks, triggers, time, date and location to a database managed by Google. Thereby, giving researchers visibility to find correlation between higher asthma rates in one specific vicinity, time and date, pollutant and climate to name a few. The ability to gather this type of data, especially in real-time is unprecedented and Dr. Sam Pejham hopes it would have a great impact in advancing asthma research.

AsthmaMD is the only asthma mobile application awarded with the prestigious UCSF Collaborative Research Network (CRN) grant.

AsthmaMD is available as a free download for iPhone/iPod users.

Contact us at help@AsthmaMD.org

About Dr. Sam Pejham

Dr. Sam Pejham is a Board Certified Pediatrician with over 10 years of experience taking care of Children and Young adults. He is also an assistant clinical professor at UCSF Medical School teaching medical students about General Pediatrics. As the Chief of the IT Department in his community hospital, he has always been interested in advancing the use of technology to help patients improve their health and reduce medical errors.

Dr. Sam (as most of his patients refer to him) has had a special interest in Asthma and Allergy. He has been interviewed extensively on TV, and has given numerous public lectures to help educate families about asthma treatment and control.

In early 2009 he started a collaborative project with other Pediatricians, Pulmonologists, and Allergists to help patients better control and treat their asthma symptoms by use of Technology, in this case iPhone/iPod touch. The idea was simple: To make it very easy for patients or their parents to keep a diary of Peak Flow Measurements, take appropriate action as prescribed by their physician, and send this information to their healthcare provider. As a physician, he understood the importance of receiving this information to be able to adjust patients medication to better control and improve their quality of life.

Below is Dr. Sam Pejham's CV:

Tri-Valley Pediatrics, Inc.: CFO and full time partner in a group practice caring for a diverse population of infants, children and young adults. July 2000-Present.

Valley Care Medical Center: Chief of Information Technology at ValleyCare Medical Center. 2006-Present.
Member of the ValleyCare Hospital Planning Committee. 2007-Present
Chief of the Department of Pediatrics. June 2002- December of 2003.

UCSF School of Medicine: Assistant Clinical Professor, 2007-Present.

Stanford U. School of Medicine: Clinical Instructor and Staff Physician in Pediatrics, August 02-July 03


Residency:                  Westchester Medical Center/ New York Medical College, Department of Pediatrics, Valhalla, NY. July 1997-June 2000

Medical School:           St. George’s University School of Medicine, Grenada, WI. Degree received: M.D., May 1997

Undergraduate:           University of California at Santa Cruz, CA. Degree Received: B.A., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, June 1993. Graduate with honors in major.

Research Experience:

Pejham S, Altman R, Li K, Munoz J. Congenital tuberculosis presenting with facial nerve palsy. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 2002;21:1085-6. An in-depth presentation of a case report of congenital tuberculosis in an infant with a not previously reported presenting sign of facial nerve palsy. This includes discussion of the complete laboratory evaluations and review of diagnostic tools as well as outcome.

Student editor of “Biochemistry” by Mathews and Van Holde, 2nd edition, 1996. included a complete review and editorial work on the textbook.

Inhibition of Cholesterol absorption research project at University of CA at Santa Cruz from June 92 – June 93. As the principal investigator under the direction of the department of Biochemistry, I employed techniques to isolate and grow anaerobic bacteria as well as gene splicing, Southern blotting, and isolating gene for cholesterol reduction. This research laid the foundation for future researchers to isolate and purify the protein responsible for cholesterol reduction. Such protein may be used to reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol.


Residency:                  Kazi Uzari Award in Pediatrics (most compassionate/caring resident of the year), June 2000

Medical School:           Honors in Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Psychiatry and Surgery clerkships.

Undergraduate:           President’s Undergraduate Fellowship Award (Outstanding Independent Research Project) U. of CA at Santa Cruz, September 1992

Organizational Membership:

American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow member


American Academy of Pediatrics Board Certified, October 00-14

Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics, April 05- Present

California State Medical License: October 99-Present

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Certification